Week 1 September 2015

Dogs think fast.


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Because my brain likes everything the same, turbo_week1_sep_2015every day, I always do the same things the same way, like when Mommy comes home. I run to her, make happy squeals and prance in circles before running to my bed where all of me wiggles. I roll on my back while Mommy tries to pet my squirming self. But – this morning wasn’t the same. It happened when Mommy came in the back door, the way she always does. I did my always-the-same happy dance then galloped me through the kitchen toward my bed where she is supposed to come to me. As I always do, I looked back to be sure she was following me. When my face turned forward again, my eyes got real big. They saw Maxine! Standing right in my way! I was going too fast to swerve. I was going too fast to stop. Myself doesn’t know how I did it, but, real quick my head told my paws to throw themselves up in the air which made me jump way high over all of Maxine. Myself didn’t know I could think that fast but I can and it makes me feel very fine that I am a big boy who can fly very high.

Idea His point!  

“You’ll do what you gotta do when you gotta do it.

– Author Unknown