Week 1 September 2016 Maxine

Dogs have their own priorities.



maxine-week1-september-2016If I knew how, I would sell my brother, Turbo. That boy never ceases to irritate me and push my patience. For example, I woke up last night and had to wee bad. I knew it was a waste of time trying to wake Mom to take me out so I trotted to my house papers. As I turned the corner into our potty room, I stopped where I stood. There he was —Turbo — taking his good ol’ sweet time walking around our doggie-go place. I stared at him. He ignored me. I thought, “Either go or get out of the way Turbo! You are on those papers for a reason, so do what you have to do and move on. I have to go really bad!” That brother of mind could not have cared less. He just sniffed and looked around like there was something important to see, all the while wasting my time waiting for my turn. Well, the puddle I made on the floor was proof that he took too long. Dang! I knew Mom was going to grumble and probably blame me when she saw what happened. And that is why I want to sell Turbo.

Idea Her point!    

“When priorities clash, do the best you can under your circumstances.”

– Author Unknown