Week 2 April

Have some fun this month!
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No Turbo,” means what myself turbo_april_flowerswants isn’t what Mommy wants. If my nose tells me there’s something good-smelling in the grass and I roll on it, my ears hear, “No Turbo.” Just as Mommy makes her eyes go sleepy shut and I run in circles on the bed then put my whole self into digging at her covers or pillow, she mumbles, “No Turbo.” If her chair is without her and her plate is sitting on the table with food on it, myself jumps in that chair and my mouth helps itself to her dinner. She frowns me a “No Turbo.” Some days I think my name is NoTurbo but it don’t bother me none. I just look at Mommy while she talks to me then go back to doing what I was doing. It’s not that all of me is a bad boy, but sometimes my brain doesn’t pay attention ‘cause I like doing what I do and sometimes my brain just forgets what I’m supposed to do.
Idea His point!    

“Roll with the punches.”

– Author Unknown