Week 2 April 2016

What dogs don’t like.


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maxine_week2_april_2016Not a good way to start the day! Hearing Mom in the kitchen, I hurried in to see if she was willing to share the breakfast she was making. As she leaned over to scratch behind my ears, the glass of orange juice in her hand leaned over too…and spilled right on top of my head. With orange juice dripping off my face, I started walking away but didn’t get very far before Mom scooped me up and I found myself standing in the sink in belly-high water. I pouted. I wiggled. I sighed. I did not do anything wrong. It was Mom’s fault– but was she the one getting a bath? Nooooooo! I was so not pleased. Dang! If Mom is going to drop something on my head then it should be something that does not include a bath – like bacon. Or a burger. Or a pork chop. A big pork chop. Or, maybe two big pork chops.
Her point:

Idea Her point!

“Hope for an up side to your next down situation.”

– Author Unknown