Week 2 August 2015

Dogs on a mission – they love success.
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Some nights when it is maxine_week2_august_2015supposed to be sleep time, I decide it should be play time. I walk up to Mom’s face and stick my nose on hers. She turns her head away which means her ear is right there for me to lick. She wipes her hand across her ear but she does not open her eyes. How can she play with me if her eyes are shut! I walk across her body but all she does is grunt and turn on her side. I go to her pillow, sniff her hair, then paw at it. That is when Mom says my name but she does not say it with a happy voice. I sit and stare at her. She snores. I lay down and sigh. She does not move. I pace. She snores. I whine. She ignores me. I go to the end of the bed, stare into the dark hall… and growl. Her eyes open real fast.
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“If you really want something, you’ll find a away.”

– Jim Rohn