Week 2 December 2015

Christmas doesn’t always come from a store and not always in December.


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It is not always easymaxine_week_2_December_2015 being The Maxine! I put up with a lot from Mom. For example, I have something wrong with my eyes which means Mom puts medicine in them – every day! I do not like this. When she picks me up and sits me on her lap at the kitchen table, I know what is going to happen and I do not like it – and I let her know I do not like it. She tries putting drops in my eyes. I push her hand away with my paw. She tries again. I squirm backwards. She tries again. I flip my head from side to side. You would think Mom would give up but she does not. And, neither do I. I even try climbing up her body, figuring I can escape over her shoulder. Dang! Mom is faster than me. This, too, does not make me happy. After the battle of who is going to get her way, I blink to get rid of the extra drops sitting in my eyes then reach up and put soft little Maxine kisses on her chin. I sometimes get grouchy. I all the time love her.

Idea Her point!

“Never miss an opportunity to show your love.”

– Paulo Coelho