Week 2 December

Seize moments of joy.
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Memaw knew I was on a mission as she stepped outtug-o-war-chloe of my way and watched me racing past her. You see, Poppa had just hollered, “Chloe, it’s bath time.” He poured warm water over me then scrubbed my head and back. It felt so good I wiggled all over and splashed water on him. Then I lifted each of my front paws for him to wash because I know how to take a bath. Once I was Chloe-clean and Poppa finished drying me all over, I was wired-for-wild. I grabbed that towel, dropped to the floor, growled, and with Poppa at one end of it and me at the other, I tugged on it as hard as I could. When I gave it a big-dog shake, it came loose from Poppa’s hand. Once it was all mine, I super-charged out of the bathroom and ran through the house dragging it behind me, stopping only a few times to roll on it before pulling it behind me again. You see, happiness is a wet towel.
Idea Her point!    

“Find joy in everything you do.”

– Chuck Palahuiuk