Week 2 February 2016

Never underestimate the cunning mind of a dog.


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chloe_week2_February_2016Life around here changed. I had no intention of just sitting around on my furry backside doing nothing about it. You see, it started last week when my cousin Jake came to my house. He’s kinda quiet so it was easy to ignore him, which I did — at first. However, he was supposed to go home — but he didn’t. Memaw told me that Jake is now my brother and he’s going to live with us forever. That’s when my Chloe wiggle stopped mid-waggle. I decided right then and there to let him know who’s top dog. Used to be that, after pottying, I did my Chloe stroll back to the house. No more. Now I walk real slow, making Jake think there’s no need to hurry, then break into a run past him, getting to the porch first, so I can stop, turn, look up at him and growl, which I do till Memaw makes me let him in the door. At dinnertime, I have my bowl and Jake has his. I eat fast. He eats slow. I clean my bowl. He picks at his food. I want his food. Last night another plan came to me. After I ate, I laid down on the living room floor. Pretended to be asleep. Watched and waited. As soon as he left his bowl unattended, I charged through the kitchen. Slowed down near his bowl just long enough to grab a mouthful of his left-overs. The plan worked. I got my wiggle back.

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“Plan . . . then work your plan.”

-Margaret Thatcher