Week 2 February

Happies are the heart’s High-Fives
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Mom almost got in bad maxine_riding_in_cartrouble with me this morning. It happened when we left my doctors office where I was a very good girl, so says me. On the way home my nose told me food was nearby. I barked, “Mom, let’s you and me stop for a burger.” Dang! She kept driving. She did not even slow down. I sighed and looked out the window till another good smell got my attention. I squirmed and whined, wanting Mom to know I wanted whatever that good stuff was but she paid no attention. I thought, “Well, Double dang! You just passed another food place!” The one in the doggie seat was not happy. I threw myself down and hung my head over the edge of my car place. After I gave her a long and low grumble-growl, I flipped myself around, turning my back to Mom –ignoring her till she stopped the car and picked me up. Mom hadn’t carried me far before I recognized where we were and my tail started wagging, my ears perked up and my eyes darted everywhere. When she let me down to walk wherever I chose, I felt the YIPPIE in my heart–happiness is a little dog in a big pet store full of toys and treats with a Mom who is going to buy her what she wants.
Idea Her point!    

“Not getting what we want means something even better is coming along.”

– Author Unknown