Week 2 January 2016

Dog’s don’t make excuses… they make things happen.


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I was not maxine_week_2_January_2016happy and I let Mom know I was not happy. It all started when she hurried me to the doctor ‘cause I hurt my paw. I do not like that place but I could not walk and Mom is bigger than me so I did not see any way of escaping. I was looking back at Mom as the doctor carried me to another room. I must have gone to sleep ‘cause I blinked then found myself in a cage with a big bandage on my paw, not remembering how I got there. As there was no water, food or treats for me in that cage, I was not happy. On my next trip to the doctor place, he took the big bandage off. When I got home and saw my paw was all mine again, I started licking it. Mom asked me to stop but I would not. That is when she taped a sock on my paw. I harrumphed. I stomped. I shook my paw. When I could not kick that sock off, I started pulling on the end of it. It did not take Mom long to find a sock and wet tape in the middle of the floor. She put it on my paw again. I pulled it off again. Every time she put that sock back on my paw, she added more tape and every time I pulled even harder to get it off…till she gave me the game changer – a big chew bone to call my own. In the life of this girl, chew bones are much more important than socks.

Idea Her point!

“Focus on what you want but stay flexible in the process.”

– Author Unknown