Week 2 January

Think like a dog: they know what they want –and they go for it.
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When someone comes visiting, I’m sureHi I'm Cl they’re here to see me. I am so happy, happy, happy, I jump in their lap, wiggle all over and give them face kisses. That is exactly what I did when Poppa’s friend, Mr. Gus, showed up last night and sat in the big overstuffed chair. But, rather than Memaw being happy that I was happy, she snapped her fingers at me and pointed toward the kitchen. In case you don’t know, that means “Chloe, get down and go to your bed.” I went to my bed but rather than lay down, I made a U-turn and headed back to the living room. I knew Memaw would see me if I walked across the floor so I ducked behind the couch and inched my way along the wall till I got to the open space between the end of the couch and Mr. Gus. I dropped to the ground and doggie-crawled the rest of the way toward him without looking at Memaw. I figured that if I didn’t look at her she might not see me. I moved fast and made it all the way to him and into his lap before I glanced over at her. She was glaring at me so when Mr.Gus gave me a big Chloe hug I threw a look back at Memaw that said, “See—he wants ME –so there!”
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To succeed, one must be creative and persistent.”

– John H. Johnson