Week 2 July 2015

Through the eyes of a dog
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My paws were running me turbo_july_week_2_2015through the house, heading me toward my potty papers, when I saw Mommy giving Maxine a treat. She had one in her hand for me, too. I stopped long enough to take it but then spit it out ‘cause I was in a hurry. I had to wee so bad I didn’t have time for my mouth to crunch it into little pieces to eat one tiny bite at a time the way I usually do. But, before I could move on, my eyes saw Maxine looking at me then looking at my biscuit. Myself told me that if I left it where it was she would make it hers so I grabbed it and carried it with me to the potty spot. Holding it in my mouth, I lifted my leg but nothing happened. I guess when myself tries to do two things at the same time, one of the things leaves my brain, so, I looked around to be sure Maxine had not followed me then carefully dropped my biscuit at the corner of the papers where I could watch it. As soon as I finished my business, I picked it up and took it with me to my bed. Since I didn’t have to potty no more, I laid there as long as I wanted to, eating the whole thing all by myself. Maxine couldn’t outsmart me.
Idea His point!    

“Never try to solve all problems at once – make them line up for you one-by-one.”

– Richard Sloma