Week 2 July 2016 Maxine

Dogs being big-n-bad.


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When Mom and I got out of our car, my tail wagged and I tried wiggling myself out of her arms. I knew we were at what Mom calls a humane society yappy hour. I do not know what that is but I do know it is a place I like to be as there is food to eat, people to greet and dogs for me to meet. I was all over the place, having a very good time, till I had to put my paw down and straighten out a guy I did not know. It started when all us dogs got ice cream with biscuits on top. Mom only let me have a little of that ice cream. This did not please me. Then my tummy started hurting which made me grouchy. I was standing under Mom’s chair, minding my own business, when a little dog came in my space and bared his teeth at me. I lit into him with my most serious growl followed by barking that made everybody turn and look at me. I like big dogs. I do not like little dogs. I do not like anybody in my face. And, I do not like tummy aches. Mom grabbed me and tried to calm me down. This did not please me either as this girl had to stand up for herself. Which I did. And that was that!

Idea Her point!

“Only you know when enough is enough.”

– Author Unknown