Week 2 June 2015

Dogs are such good helpers
pawMaxine:     [facebook_like_button]
It is me. Maxine. I am the kitchen maxine_june_2015_week_2patrol dog around here. Part of my job is to help Mom when she is being a messy cook by enforcing the Maxine Rule — anything she drops is mine. This is not negotiable. There have been times when I was so good at patrolling I could catch a piece of falling food mid-air but my eyes are not as good as they were when I was little so I have found it more productive to focus on that which splats, bounces or rolls across the floor. However, I do not think Mom appreciates my rule or my effort. Last night while she was fixing dinner, a piece of something fell almost in front of me. She said, “Back away, Maxine!” I glared at her and thought, “No, you back away!” As you can probably guess… she did not back away. That one moment I took to give her my Maxine-Look gave her just enough time to swoop down and grab what was mine before I could snatch it. I put my front paws on her leg, looked in her eyes, and made a tiny whimper. That did it. She gave me a little carrot from the counter. It was not what I really wanted but I also did not want to be empty-mouthed so I took the carrot and walked away without any backtalk. I have a good thing going as Mom’s kitchen helper so it is best not to push my luck.
Idea Her point!    

“Work hard but don’t push too hard to get what you want in return.”

– Author Unknown