Week 2 June 2016 Turbo

Dogs make their own rules.


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turbo_week2-2016Mommy goes with me when I want in my yard. We walk and walk till she tells me it’s time to go back in the house. Yesterday I was trotting me across the grass when suddenly water came down on me and the sky made a huge crash boom. The ground shook. My all four paws jumped straight up in the air. I think I accidentally pottied on myself. I took off running almost faster than my paws could go. My ears flying behind me. My heart pounding so hard I could feel it in my tummy. I know myself is supposed to wait for Mommy to tell me what to do but my scared self told me to run, run, run to the back door so I could get in the house and hide behind the couch. Bad noise can’t get me there.

Idea His point!

”Doing what you are supposed to do is sometimes overshadowed by what you must do.”

– Author Unknown