Week 2 March 2016

Dogs have a mind of their own and don’t hesitate to speak it.


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turbo_week2_March_2016My eyes are big. They are round. They don’t blink if I’m staring at Mommy when I want something. I am extra very good at staring when it’s dark time and I want under the covers with Mommy so I can curl up as close as all of me can get to her. She is supposed to give me a treat then climb in bed and put herself under the blanket then hold it up so I can get under there with her. If she takes longer than my brain thinks she should, I stand me at the end of our sleep spot and stare at her. If she doesn’t lift the covers, my paws walk me closer to her where I stare even harder. If she still doesn’t hold them up for me, I step on her belly and walk all the way up her body till I am nose to nose and eye to eye with her. That’s for sure when Mommy lifts the blanket so I can snuggle me against her and we can sleep together… till the sunshine comes. That’s when I go to Mommy’s face again and stare her awake. Myself can’t take a chance on her sleeping through breakfast.

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“Walk the walk…talk ain’t necessary”

– George Akomas Jr.