Week 2 March

To get along with a dog – do it their way.
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Myself got “DOINKED!” It turbo_loves_marchhappened when I was snuggling next to Mommy on the couch. Herself picked up a thing she calls a tv remote … it jumped out of her hand … and DOINKED me right on top of my head. My legs jumped me straight up in the air and, almost before my paws landed, I was scrambling myself to the other end of our sit spot. Mommy reached for me but I backed away from her and glared. She patted her leg, wanting me to come to her, but I wouldn’t move till she put that bad thing far away from me. I like sitting with Mommy but if she picks it up again myself is going to go fast-like to a safe place behind the pillows at the other end of the couch. Myself is for sure not going to let that thing ever doggie doink me again.
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“Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.”

– Oscar Wilde