Week 2 May

Roll with the punches.
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There I was, sitting in a room maxine_dumpster_divingwith Mom, waiting for my doctor. I did not want to be there but she did not ask my opinion so I was stuck. She tried holding me still while I tried climbing up her arm and over her shoulder. She frowned and she stayed frowned even when I let out with one of my most pitiful whines. After more whimpering and pawing at her, she finally sat me on the floor. I went directly to the door to leave but I do not know how to open a door and she would not open it for me. Dang! With nothing else to do, I sniffed around for food someone might have dropped. I felt sure there would be something good in the trash basket but, when I put my front paws on it and stuck my head inside, that thing crashed to the floor. Before I could see what spilled, Mom scooped me up and made me sit me in her lap again. She asked me for a kiss. Yeah. Right. Like that was going to happen. This girl is a kiss-free zone if she does not get her way.
Idea Her point!    

“Life isn’t about pleasing everybody.”

– Author Unknown