Week 2 May 2016

What dogs do that make us sigh – a heavy sigh!


pawChloe: [facebook_like_button]

chloe-week2-may-2016I couldn’t understand why I didn’t get any dinner and my brother Jake got two bowls of food. Here’s what happened. I always ate from the pink bowl that Poppa got just for me. When Jake came to live with us, Poppa got him a shiny gray dish. Because he ate slow, I’d gobble my dinner then run to Jake’s bowl and eat his too—which got me in bad trouble with Memaw. I quickly learned that the pink bowl was mine and the gray bowl was not mine and if I didn’t want Memaw to fuss at me I better not touch it. So, the night Poppa took away my pink bowl and put down a new gray one that looked exactly like Jake’s, I was confused. All I could do was lay on the kitchen floor with my head on my paws and watch Jake eat while my stomach growled. I thought I must be a very bad girl since I didn’t have a food bowl and Jake had two. I hoped that at the next dinnertime Poppa would know I was very hungry but the same thing happened. No pink Chloe bowl. Just two gray bowls. When it was almost dinnertime again, Poppa went to the garage and came back carrying my pink bowl. He said, “Is this the problem– you want THIS dish?” I pranced and wiggled while Memaw washed it and poured the food from the new gray bowl I thought was Jake’s into my own pink Chloe bowl. My tail wagged. My mouth scooped in food. Life is good when you have your own food bowl.

Idea Her point!

“Bad times don’t last forever.”

– Author Unknown