Week 2 November 2015

Dogs just wanna have fun.


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When Mom got busy maxine_week2_nov_2015in the kitchen this morning I ran to the living room and barked. She came to me and said, “What do you want, Maxine?” I just looked at her. I waited till she walked away before I barked again, which made her come to me again. This time she opened the back door and asked if I wanted out to potty. I did not move even one paw from where I was standing. I just stared at her while she shut the door and went back to what she had been doing. I walked around the room sniffing for pieces of food that might be hiding in the carpet then started woofing for her – again. She came back but her face was not smiling. She sighed and lifted me into my favorite chair thinking I wanted to look out the window. I laid down and rubbed my face on the pillow, scratched my ear, licked my paw then threw my head back and barked to see if I could get her to come back again. Dang! I love messin’ with my Mom.

Idea Her point!

“Play … gives us an enthusiasm for life …”

– Lucia Capacchione