Week 2 November 2016 | Maxine

Dogs stare at us for their own reasons.


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dscf3213-smIt is me. Maxine. I am thinking Mom needs retraining! It has always been a rule of our house that Turbo and I get a treat when she goes away from home. As far as I am concerned, that is a simple thing for her to remember. Well, today I saw Mom pick up her keys so I went to her for my biscuit … as I always do. Dang! She started walking away without stopping at the treat jar. I darted ahead of her and sat in front of the door so she could not open it and looked up at her. Staring hard! I was thinking, “Do not even think about leaving this house till I get my treat!” Mom said, “Oh, sorry, Maxine. I almost forgot.” Forgot? She almost forgot!? How could anybody forget treats! I stood my ground, staring at her till that treat jar was open and a biscuit was in her hand. Once it was in my mouth that was that. She had my permission to do whatever she wanted to do.

Idea Her point!

“Stand up and do your own battles.”

– Terry Bradshaw