Week 2 November

What dogs do when they think you’re not watching
pawChloe:     [facebook_like_button]
Last night Memaw called me “Bad Chloe”. chloe_november_week2You see, my cousins Cocoa and Lola were visiting my house. Memaw put three bowls of food around the kitchen so we each had our own place to eat. I ate my dinner very fast and wanted more so I ran toward Cocoa, barking my loudest Chloe bark. He stopped eating and looked at me as I ran past him and circled Lola. Then I charged to the living room wiggling and barking at Memaw and Poppa saying, “Come on. Hurry! Let’s go outside. Now.” I got everybody so excited, Cocoa and Lola came running from the kitchen and Memaw and Poppa jumped up from their chairs and we all went toward the back door…with me in the lead. As soon as we got to the yard steps, I made a U-turn and ran back through the house. You see, Cocoa eats slow so I figured he still had food left in his bowl and I wanted it. Just as Memaw came looking for me in the kitchen, with her hands on her hips, I was finishing the last bite of Cocoa’s dinner. And that’s how I became “Bad Chloe”.
Idea Her point!    

“Always have a plan”

– Rick Riordan