Week 2 October 2015

Dogs bark for a reason.


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When Mommy hugs me and calls me her cuddle bunnyTurbo_Oct_week_2_2015, I give her kisses and lay all quiet-like as close to her as all of me can get. But, when anybody gets near my house or my Mommy, myself changes from a love-bug into a big-n-bad-dog. Sometimes the man next door comes to my yard and talks to Mommy. When I’m in my chair looking out the back window and see him, myself stands very tall, stiffening my legs, swishing my tail and giving him seriously serious barks. Even when Mommy tells me that everything is okay and asks me to use my indoor voice, I don’t. Myself turns my talking-loud voice into my yelling voice that everybody in the whole world can hear. As I see it, everything is not okay, and it’s my job to tell him to go away. Myself has to protect my Mommy when somebody comes to my front door too. I make my face all mean and my mouth barks my very-most ferocious bark… even though myself does it standing behind her.
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“I do the very best I know how – the very best I can and I mean to keep on doing so.”

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