Week 2 October 2016 – Maxine

You can’t fool a dog.


pawMaxine: [facebook_like_button]

dscf2043-copyMom does not seem to understand that she cannot fool me! No matter what I am doing, I always know what she is doing…and I do not care except for two things: when she takes the lid off the treat jar or opens the back door. If she tries to get away with going to our porch without me, and I really want out with her, I can almost beat her down the back steps. But, sometimes, I am in another room and by the time I get to the door Mom is on one side of it and I am on the other. I do not like this. I start whining, crying and mumbling. Actually, I make any noise I can to sound pitiful. If she does not open the door fast enough to please me, or she is pretending that she does not hear me, I throw a Maxine fit — huffing, grumbling and barking — so she knows there is no doubt that she is to open the door immediately and either let me out of the house or she is to come back in the house. I will carry on and on…and on… till I get my way…which much improves my mood.

Idea Her point!

“Speak up and be prepared to succeed.”

– Author Unknown