Week 2 September 2015

Dogs think fast.
pawChloe:     [facebook_like_button]
I won! I won! You see, it all chloe_week2_sep_2015started when Poppa carried me into my Aunt Addie’s house. The moment he put me down, it became a contest between Memaw and me to see who could get to the kitchen first. I know Aunt Addie always has a full bowl of food there for my dog cousins. I also know Memaw picks up that bowl when I’m there ‘cause she doesn’t want me to eat it all. So, the race was on. I was flat out running. Memaw was right behind me. I had to think fast. I knew I could beat her to the dog food but I wouldn’t have enough time to stand there and eat it. I glanced back. Memaw was gaining on me. I reached the bowl first. My mouth became a steam-shovel, scooping in so much food there wasn’t room for even one more bite. As Memaw reached for the bowl, I took off, hid behind a chair, spit the food out, and ate every bit of it. Memaw just doesn’t understand that food out of somebody else’s bowl always tastes better.
Idea Her point!    

“There are no cobwebs in the mind of a fast thinker.”

– Author Unknown