Week 2 September 2016 – Turbo

Dogs have their own priorities.


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turbo-week2-2016-septemberMy sister, Maxine, spends her day eating, sleeping, and bossing me around. Myself stays busy making sure I always know where Mommy is and what she is doing. If I hear her walk to another room I get up from where I’m sleeping and follow her. If she goes outside, I stand on top of a chair looking at her through the window. When she sits down, all of me scrunches up in her lap. At dark time my eyes watch for her to brush her teeth ‘cause that means it’s time for me to climb in our sleep spot before she can get there so I can stretch out where she lays herself down. I also go with her to the bathroom when she takes a shower. I lay in front of its door and don’t move till she gets out and steps way over me. I must always be with her…except for this morning. I was curled up on the bath mat with my eyes shut, waiting for Mommy to finish getting clean. All of a sudden my ears almost hurt from a huge, big, scary, BLANG! It was just her bottle of hair soap hitting the floor— but myself didn’t hear Mommy tell me everything was okay cause the only thing of me still in the bathroom was the wee spot I left on the floor.

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“Priorities are always subject to change.”

– Author Unknown