Week 3 April

Have some fun this month!
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Playing with Poppa is whatchloe_april I like to do best unless you count eating dinner. One of my favorite games is Catch-The-Chloe. This is how it works. I wait for Poppa to sit in the swing under our big tree then I walk up to him like I want him to pick me up. When he reaches for me, I dart away, running big circles around the yard. I then go back and sit near his feet. When he puts his hands out for me again, I back up and take off — again. I do this over and over till Poppa just sits and looks at me when I stop in front of him. You see, that means Poppa’s tired of playing so I let him pick me up and we sit together till I have to chase a squirrel, cool off in my swimming pool or Memaw calls for us. I really like Catch-The-Chloe but Poppa really likes sitting and swinging with me close to him so I sometimes do what makes him happy ‘cause when Poppa’s happy I’m happy too.

Idea Her Point:               

  “Get a little. Give a little. It works.”

– Author Unknown