Week 3 April 2016

What dogs don’t like.





turbo_week3_april_2016Myself ran all excited to my eating place. Looking in my dinner bowl, all of me froze where I stood! Mommy had put a new kind of doggie food in with the kind I like! I was hungry but my nose told me I didn’t want the new food. After staring at it for a most very long time, I put my face in the middle of my bowl, grabbed all the food my mouth could hold then went “Ptooie!” –spitting it everywhere. I ate the good pieces then filled my mouth again and spit that on the floor too. Myself kept grabbing and spitting till there was more food on the floor than in my bowl. The next time Mommy adds something to my dinner, I hope it’s popcorn. Myself would never spit out popcorn.

Idea His point!    

“Action expresses priorities.”

– Mahatma Gandhi