Week 3 August 2015

Dogs on a mission – they love success.
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Sometimes my Poppa makesChloe_august_week3_2015_weekly_story me soooo mad! You see, he should know when I bark, I’m talking to him. When I’m taking to him, he’s supposed to listen to me. Well, early this morning he opened the back door for us to go outside together–him to be with me and drink his coffee and me to potty. I really had to go so I ran ahead of him. I took care of business then headed to the gate, sniffing the ground, making sure no one came in my yard during the night. I was trotting toward a tree looking for squirrels to chase when I realized Poppa had gone back in the house — without me! I ran as fast as I could to the porch steps, stretched my neck, looking through the door, barking. No Poppa. I charged to the side part of the porch, looked through the screen and barked louder. Still alone! I kept running back and forth – door to screen—screen to door –whimpering, whining, yowling and howling. The more I ran, the louder I got. Poppa finally opened the door for me. I strutted past him, jumped on the couch and waited for him to sit down and look at me. When his eyes met mine, I flipped myself around so my back was to him, stuck my nose high in the air and looked at the ceiling. That’ll teach him to ignore me when I’m talking to him!
Idea Her point!    

“Whenever you want to achieve something… know exactly what it is you want.”

– Paulo Coelho