Week 3 December 2015

Christmas doesn’t always come from a store and not always in December.


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Myself got so surprisedturbo_week_3_december_2015 I almost pottied on me. It happened when Mommy opened the back door, like she always does, and I went down the steps, like I always do. My head was busy thinking about which way I wanted to walk when I froze where I stood. Right there in my yard was a huge giant dog with blinking lights all over himself — and he was staring at me! I stared back then, with my tail swishing and my legs stiff, I made my paws go forward toward him real slow-like as I barked so big, all of me shook. Mommy told me everything was okay ‘cause that wasn’t a real dog, it was a Christmas decoration. Myself didn’t care who he was. He wasn’t supposed to be in my yard anywhere near my Mommy. I change from sweet to scary-bad when it comes to protecting her so I rolled back my lip and showed him my teeth. I meant to growl, too, but my snarl came out a burp. That’s when Mommy picked me up, making happy sounds. Myself didn’t know why she was laughing but I did know I scared that guy plenty bad ‘cause, as Mommy carried me in the house, that dog stayed where he was and didn’t move even one little bit.

Idea His point!    

“Loyalty is a year-round gift wrapped in love.”

– Author Unknown