Week 3 December

Seize moments of joy. 
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My paws ran me to the window when myturbo_on_bed ears told me Mom went out the front door without myself. My eyes watched her walking in the yard till she went someplace I couldn’t see. I looked really, really hard trying to know where she went but she was gone! I was all alone! What if she never came back to me? I whimpered but Mom couldn’t hear me — she was very gone. I kept looking and looking for her longer than a very long time. Finally my head just hung itself down and I stared at the floor. Oh woe was Mom’s little boy left all alone in the world. Suddenly a noise came to my ears again. Could it be? Almost faster than my feet could touch the floor, I ran to the door and there she was — my Mom! Jumping up and down, I barked,“Oh pick me up. PLEEEEEZZZZ pick me up!” As she scooped me in her arms I hardly heard her say, “Turbo, I was only outside five minutes,” ‘cause I was too busy being happy which made my sad go away.

Idea His Point:               

 “The value of a moment is immeasurable.”

– Steve Maraboli