Week 3 February 2016

Never underestimate the cunning mind of a dog.


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maxine_week3_february_2016It is me. Maxine. It is not like I have to be busy all the time but, when I get bored looking out the window, scratching my back on the couch, or barking for no reason other than because I want to, I have been known to find new entertainment — like I did this morning. While Mom was away, I walked around looking for something of interest in the bedroom and kitchen. Nothing! I trotted my way to Mom’s bathroom. That is where I sometimes find a towel or sock to call my own. I circled the room and was about to leave empty-mouthed when I noticed Mom’s roll of bathroom paper hanging down. An easy reach. Too good to pass up. I grabbed the end of it and pulled. The paper started unrolling. I pulled on it again. More paper came down. Dang! This was more fun than playing rip- the-stuffing-out-of-my-toys. I kept a grip on the paper and started slowly backing up. The paper followed me – out of the bathroom, all the way down the hall and through the living room. I unwound the whole roll without tearing it even one little bit. When Mom got home and saw what a wonderful job I had done, according to me, her face told me she did not agree. It was not a good time to ask for a treat. Knowing it is best to never run and hide—that is a sure sign that I did something I should have thought about before doing it — I just turned and strolled away, not looking back. Dang! Sometimes I do myself proud!

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“Being proud of yourself (is) the best feeling in the world.”

– Author Unknown