Week 3 February

Happies are the heart’s High-Fives
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My Aunt Addie has the mostchloe_blanket wonderful bed in the whole world. You see, I am staying with her while Memaw and Poppa are gone away without me. It was very cold last night so when I came in from my last potty trip before sleeping, I was shivering all over. I wasted no time running to Aunt Addie’s bed and jumping on it — I always do that when I’m cold. I jump up there and burrow under her pillows. But, last night when I landed on Aunt Addie’s bed, my paws felt summertime. I never felt such a thing before. I slowly walked across the blanket and with every step, I felt the warm. I scooted my face on the cover and my face felt the warm. I rolled and rolled on the bed. My whole body felt the warm. I pawed the blanket back and crawled under it. I was warm all over. I heard Aunt Addie call my name but I didn’t move. I liked where I was. She came in the bedroom and said, “So you found the new electric blanket, huh, Chloe?” I didn’t know what she was taking about but I did know I was staying where I was, even when she tried to get me up and out from under the covers this morning. A warm Chloe is a happy Chloe and a happy Chloe stays where she is.

Idea Her Point:               

 “Content is being in a special spot you call your own.”

– Author Unkown