Week 3 January 2016

Dog’s don’t make excuses… they make things happen.


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chloe_week3_2016My yard is the happiest place in the world. It is so fun, my tail wags hard enough to make me wiggle all over. When it’s warm and sunny, I run and run then jump in my Chloe swimming pool to cool off. When it’s raining, mud puddles are too good to resist. When the outside turns cold, I love it so much I can’t stop myself from dancing, prancing, and rolling on my back, kicking my paws in the air. After a while Memaw or Poppa shouts, “Chloe. Time to come in.” Sometimes I run to them at full speed. Then there are times I take so long strolling toward the house, they have to say “Treat” to get my attention. Either way, I know Poppa is going to stop me at the back door to dry me off or carry me to my Chloe tub where he washes me all clean again. I even help him by licking his face and shaking water everywhere. You see, when I do what I do to make my heart happy outside, my heart stays happy inside.

Idea Her point!    

“Happy happens when you let it happen.”

– Author Unknown