Week 3 January 2017 | Maxine

Remembering Maxine

1/11/03 – 1/5/17


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”Mom told me that we were going to obedience school. I did not think we needed to do such a thing. Mom is bigger than me. We went to school. Teacher asked our human parents to have us dogs stand in a row. I did not want to stand in a row. I wanted to walk around — which I did – barking the whole time. Mom was not smiling. That is when I found out I was expected to pay attention. This did not please me. Teacher then asked the dog next to me to come to her. When he did so, Teacher gave him a treat. Dang! I did not know school meant treats so I marched myself right up to Teacher for a biscuit of my own. She did not give me one. I stared straight into her eyes and barked–loud. She said, “Maxine. Quiet!” I smelled something good in her hand so I stopped barking. She gave me a treat and told me I was a good girl. I told her I wanted more. Again she said, “Maxine. Quiet!” I shut my mouth so my head would not bounce up and down from barking and I could better see if she had something else for me. Because I hushed, I got another treat! I think I am better at paying attention to Teacher than Mom is. She did not get even one biscuit during our whole school time.”

Her point!

Take note of what gets you what you want.