Week 3 July 2015

Through the eyes of a dog
pawMaxine:     [facebook_like_button]
Mom is making me maxine_july_2015_week_3very grumpy. She keeps telling me she is helping me get well from my surgeries. I do not know what that means but I.do know my nose and the top of my head are not the way they are supposed to be. I know this because Mom keeps putting medicine on me and I keep telling her I do not want that medicine on me. When she comes near my nose with that stuff, I toss my head back and away from her. She tries reaching my nose from the side where I have just turned. Well, dang! Of course I see her coming and fling my head back the other way. My nose and her hand go every which way, faster and faster, till Mom makes a sneaky swoop across my face and a glop of that yucky stuff sticks to my nose. I glare at her. She sighs at me then tries putting medicine on my head and that is when I really pitch a Maxine fit– throwing myself sideways or pushing her hand away with my paws or start backing up in her lap till my rear end hangs over the side of the chair and she has to grab my backside so I do not fall to the floor. If she wants me to be a good girl and sit still, all she has to do is put down that medicine and bring on ice cream, pork chops, or pizza. I would think Mom should know by now what makes me happy and that life is a lot easier around here when we do things my way.
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“If you want the facts about (a) dog, always get them straight from the dog.”

– J.Allen Boone