Week 3 July 2016 Turbo

Dogs being big-n-bad.



turbo_week3_july_2016Mommy came in our front door carrying a big something. Myself wanted to know what it was so I followed her to the bedroom where she leaned her new thing against the wall. My nose was sniffing it – till– till I spotted a dog! My paws froze me where I stood. He was staring at me. My eyes stared back. I barked at him. His mouth looked like he was barking too but I was so loud my ears couldn’t hear him. I backed up. He backed up. Then my brain got very confused. Mommy walked up behind me but I saw her standing in front of me – next to that dog. I stiffened my whole big-boy body, mean-like, swishing my tail and growling at him. I’m sure myself scared that guy off ‘cause when Mommy took that thing she calls a mirror and turned it around, myself didn’t see him any more.

Idea His point!    

“Be your own hero.”

– Author Unknown