Week 3 June 2015

Dogs are such good helpers
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Oh happy day! You see, chloe_june_week3as Poppa’s helper,one of my jobs is to chase the squirrels in our yard and this morning — I was over-the-top super good. I spot one by the front fence. I streak toward him. He sees me. He swishes his tail and comes straight at me. A split second before we crash into each other, he swerves. His new path puts him directly on a collision course with Poppa. He picks up speed. He’s going to climb Poppa’s leg! Poppa sees him. He flings his arms in the air and yipes. Poppa zigs as the squirrel zags which now puts Poppa right in front of me. I’m running too fast to stop. Poppa yells again. He lifts his foot. I zoom by and feel my ear brush the bottom of his shoe. Poppa stumbles but stays upright. I gain on the squirrel. The squirrel kicks into high gear and scrambles up the tree. I make a sharp U-turn back toward Poppa. He thinks I’m going to run him down. He backs up – right into my Chloe wading pool. I’m sure I did Poppa proud because he mumbled something that included my name.
Idea Her point!    

“There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference
between mediocrity and accomplishment.”

– Norman Vincent Peale