Week 3 June 2016 Maxine

Dogs make their own rules.





maxine_week3_june_2016It is me. Maxine. There are rules in this house. Mine! Mom does not always agree with me. I do not always agree with her. She is much bigger than me so I have to look up to stare her down — which I do when I am not happy with her. Well, last night I had to let her know what was what. It was bedtime and my brother,Turbo, and I, were expecting our special biscuits. We are supposed to get them every night. No exceptions. No excuses. Non-negotiable. Mom knows this. I do not know why but last night she climbed into her sleep spot, pulled up her covers and turned on the picture box. I could not believe it! She went to bed without giving us our nighttime snack! I stared at her. Nothing! I growled long and low. Nothing! I paced. Nothing! I was forced to bark my loudest till she grumbled and put her feet on the floor. I followed her to the kitchen in case she forgot what she was supposed to do on her way to our treat jar. Dang!. Finally! I gobbled down my biscuit, yawned, then walked off deciding where I wanted to sleep…and that was that for the night.

Idea Her point!    

“Think for yourself. Act for yourself. Speak for yourself.”

– Marva Collins