Week 3 March 2016

Dogs have a mind of their own and don’t hesitate to speak it.


pawMaxine:     [facebook_like_button]

maxine_week3_march_2016“I want down–now” I demanded in Maxine-talk. I told Mom this by wiggling and flip- flopping in her arms. She was carrying me in a store and I did not want to be held. I wanted to walk — all by myself. However, Mom has a mind of her own—which is not always the same mind as mine – so she held me even tighter. I whined. I wiggled more. She told me to calm down as she tried rubbing my ear. I flung my head away from her. Need I say I was telling her I was not in the mood for an ear rub. Nor a kiss on my head. Nor a pat on my back. I wanted down and nothing else was going to please me so I kept twisting and turning — till she did that middle name thing: “Maxine Elizabeth!” I would not look at her but I did hold still – a little bit. Dang! My Mom can be difficult. It would be so much easier for both of us if she would just let me do what I want to do.

Idea Her point!    

“Speak what you think…”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson