Week 3 March

To get along with a dog – do it their way.
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I have a new friend. At first I was maxine_march_2015not sure I liked the little human visiting us who was so low to the ground we were almost eye-to-eye. He tried to hug me. I wiggled away. He tried to pick me up. That was not to my liking so I barked and kept my distance from him. However, I rethought what I was doing when he walked through the kitchen with a cookie in his hand which was the exact height as my mouth which grabbed that cookie faster than he could hold onto it.  When he came along again holding ice cream on a stick and his hand was still the same height as my mouth, it was easy to take a big lick. At dinnertime I sat under the table as close to him as I could ‘cause I quickly learned that he dropped stuff on the floor. Mom calls him Oliver. I call him a seriously good food source.

Idea Her Point:               

 “ …create opportunities. ” 

– Bruce Lee