Week 3 November 2015

Dogs just wanna have fun.


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My favoritest games are “Chase me,” “Catch me,”turbo_week3_november_2015 and “Watch me.” This morning Mommy said she was going to the store but myself shouldn’t worry ‘cause she would come back to me. When she did, I was so happy I danced and pranced and skipped all around her before my paws ran me to my bed where I squeeled for her to come and pet me. Sometimes myself licks her hand when she pats my back but today I wanted to play “Watch me” so when she got close, I jumped off the pillow and ran me in a big circle around the room. As I hopped back on my bed and Mommy reached for me, I took off running again. When I went back to her and she tried once more to pet me, I zoomed past her and ran through the whole house with my ears flying behind me and my paws moving so fast they almost didn’t touch the floor. When I got back to her, I threw myself on my bed, rolled onto my back and stretched my paws out toward her. I tilted my head sideways and looked at her. When her eyes saw theTurbo love in mine, she put her face next to me and, all soft-like, rubbed my tummy all over. Mommy is my most bestest playmate.

Idea His point!    

“We are never more fully alive….than when we are playing.

– Charles Schaefer