Week 3 November 2016 | Chloe

Dogs stare at us for their own reasons.


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img_1736Oh happy day…how I love suppertime. Poppa feeds my brother, Jake, and me, before he and Memaw have their dinner. Once we’ve eaten our food and licked our bowls clean we move on to Poppa. We don’t even bother going to Memaw—she keeps her eyes on her food, not us. So, as I was saying, Jake and I sit by Poppa, looking up, staring…and staring…then staring more. We don’t bark. We stare. Pretty soon Poppa slips his hand under the table with something for Jake and something for me. You see, it works every time. Bark. We get in trouble. Stare. We get what we want.

Her point!

There are times when silence is the best way to yell at the top of your voice.

– O. A. Battista