Week 3 November

What dogs do when they think you’re not watching.
pawMaxine:     [facebook_like_button]

“No matter how many times I tell Mom “I do not need a bath,”maxine_bath_time she does not listen like she did not listen this morning when she made me wet and soapy. I licked the water. I did not like the way it tasted and it made me burp. I looked at Mom and whined. She ignored me. I do not think I should be treated this way. When she finally wrapped me in a towel and rubbed the water away, my mood improved… till she sat me in her lap and blew warm air on my hair. This did not please me. It tickled my ears. I flung my head from side to side. She ignored me again. When I was dry, Mom put her nose on my neck and told me how good I smelled. I did not agree with her about that either. This girl does not think awful-tasting soap smells good. I told her I really had to potty so she let me outside. It was not long before I heard “Maxeeeeennn!” I do not know how Mom knew I had rolled in grass and leaves then scooted through a mud puddle but I found myself in bath water again…and I did not get even one treat.

Idea Her Point:               

  “Actions often have unexpected results.”

– Author unknown