Week 3 October 2016 | Maxine

You can’t fool a dog.


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dscf0788Mom puts my harness on me for a trip to the dog food store. Of course I sit still, except for my wagging tail, while she slips it over my head and under my legs. I am not stupid. The faster she gets it on, the faster we can get to food, treats and toys I want. When she gets my harness for walk time, I again do all I can to help her get that dang thing on so I can get out and see what is going on in the neighborhood. But, when I see her get my harness for a trip to my doctor, I run to another room and hide before she even knows I saw her. I hear her walking from room to room–calling my name. Loudly. Of course she cannot find me. That is the point of hiding ! How do I know the difference between something about to happen that I want and something that will not please me? It is one of my many talents! One Mom does not seem to appreciate.

Her point!

“Know what you have going for you and use it.”

– Author Unknown