Week 3 October

Why pet parents get gray hair.
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“They’ll be home soon Chloe,” my Aunt Addie said. You see, I have been staying withChloe sitting pretty her while Poppa and Memaw went on their vacation. After a very long time Aunt Addie finally said what my ears had been waiting for…”Chloe. They’re here. They’re here.” I ran to the door and wiggled so hard I almost fell down. Poppa scooped me up and he and Memaw hugged and kissed me while I squealed and squirmed and kissed them too.When I finally calmed down we went back to my house where I had to sniff everywhere in case there were new smells that might have come while I was away. After a while Memaw picked up her big bag and keys which I know means they are leaving again. When Poppa opened the back door, I ran past him as fast as I could and stood by the car waiting for him to put me in my seat. But, instead of picking me up, he said, “No Chloe. You can’t go.” I sat down. He said “Come on Chloe. Back in the house.” I didn’t budge. There was no way they were going to leave without me! The more he tried to make me move, the more determined I was not to move unless it was to get in the car. Finally Poppa sighed and shook his head. As he attached my harness to my car seat, I gave him a wiggle and licked his hand. I am the happiest Chloe in the world when we all are going someplace together.

Idea Her Lesson:               

 “Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.”

– Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi