Week 3 September 2015

Dogs on a mission – they love success.


pawMaxine:     [facebook_like_button]
Dogs know the difference maxine_week_3_september_2015between water running for a human bath and water running for a dog bath. I am Maxine. I am a dog. Therefore, when Mom turned on the water this morning, I knew it was Maxine bath time. I did not want to get wet so I had to think fast and move faster. No time to stomp around or give Mom a “hurrumph.” My only chance to get away was to dart behind the couch. As Mom came toward my hiding spot, I ran behind a chair near the couch. Of course Mom did not see anyone behind the couch so she circled around to look behind the chair. That gave me just enough time to scoot back behind the couch. Dang if she did not change her course and walk between the couch and chair where she could see both places at the same time. This girl was not pleased. I quickly turned my head away thinking that if I did not look at her she would not see me. Well, dang again! She did see me. Game over! Mom won…this time…
Idea Her point!    

“Decide what you think is right and keep on trying.”

– Author Unknown