Week 4 April

Have some fun this month!
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I love messing with my maxine_april_2015_week4brother, Turbo. Sometimes I run up the bed steps, stop at the top, and start barking at him. He cannot get by me and he cannot jump on the bed so he just stands on the floor looking up at me trying to figure out what to do next. I do not stop barking till Mom tells me to be quiet as she picks him up and puts him on our sleep place. Dang! Mom does not always have a sense of humor. If I am eating and see Turbo coming, I scoot sideways to block him from our food bowl. He stands behind me and waits his turn till Mom sees what I am doing and makes me move. Again I question her sense of humor. However, she does smile when I kiss Turbo’s face or stand in front of him if we are around strangers and I think I might have to protect him. Turbo does not always like what I do but sometimes a girl just has to have some fun with her brother.

Idea Her point!    “…you only tease the ones you love.”
– John Boehner