Week 4 April 2016

What dogs don’t like.


pawMaxine: [facebook_like_button]

maxine_week4_april_2016It is me. Maxine. I am a dog. Therefore, I live by Maxine dog rules which include doing my business as I need to do it the way I need to do it– which seems to test Mom’s patience. If I leisurely walk around the yard, taking in all the smells my nose finds interesting, Mom, who is always in the yard with me, has been known to say “Maxine. Potty.” What? Does she think I forgot I gotta go just because I am taking my time? I do not look at her. That would mean I heard her and she would expect me to follow her instructions so I just keep my head down and keep on sniffing. Sometimes she will add “Hurry up” — like that is going to happen. I do not like my potty time rushed! There is a process this girl must follow to find her just-right wee spot … or her just-right poo spot. Sometimes I need to find both spots on the same trip out. This takes time. I want her to be quiet and let me concentrate. And, another Maxine rule is that when I am inside and want outside, Mom is to open the door immediately and not waste time asking if I want out. If I’m staring at the door and whining, it should be obvious I want out! I do not consider these rules negotiable.

Her point!

“Begin with the end in mind.”

– Steven Covey