Week 4 August 2015

Dogs on a mission – they love success.
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The outside KA-BOOMED. turbo_week4_august_2015 Light flashed bright through my window. Lots of water fell from the sky. My heart was beating so hard it was hitting my insides. I couldn’t stop all my parts from shivering. I wanted my Mommy! I ran to her and pawed fast and hard at her leg telling her, “Put me in your lap NOW! PLEASEEEE!” As fast as she picked me up I just as fast scooted me as close as I could be close to her and hid my face under her arm. Myself held very still with my eyes tight shut trying to make all the bad sounds go away. Mommy wrapped herself around me. Every time my ears heard more booms, my paws tried to dig me even closer to her. Somebody opened the kitchen food box but myself didn’t move. My tummy was too scared to be hungry. Mommy tried lifting my head from under her but I made it stick against her. My brain told me to stay in my safe cave till my house got all quiet again. I don’t like being afraid ‘cause my insides jump around like they want to be someplace else. And, sometimes, if I get too big upset, I potty on the floor without my permission.
IdeaHis point!    
“Don’t be afraid of being scared…Only complete idiots are not afraid of anything.”

– Carlos Ruiz Zafon